A First Look at GNOME 40

GNOME 40: one of the most popular Linux desktop environments just got better

screenshot by author(Mwiza)

The Dock

The most notable GUI change that you are greeted with is that the dock is now centered at the bottom by default. It is super clean and looks really nice.


The latest updates to GNOME are meant to provide a smooth user experience but also to enhance focus on the task at hand.


You can also use touchpad gestures to switch workspace but I must admit that this did not work on my PC. Apparently, it is due to the implementation of the windowing system.

Apps Overview

The app display is now so swift and smooth. There os no transition noticed in the app’s window.

The Weather App

The weather app has also been updated. It now displays more detailed info about the weather in a city. Below is a look at the new weather app.

Other Updates

The about page under settings also shows more details e.g hardware model which is not present in earlier versions of GNOME.

How to Test GNOME 40

There are three main Linux distros that support GNOME 40 at the moment. These are GNOME nightly OS, Fedora 34, and OpenSUSE. You can find out more on the GNOME 40 official site.

Final Thoughts

I really like the changes that have been made in GNOME 40. The fact that workspaces are now arranged horizontally makes them feel more natural.

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