Understanding the /etc/passwd file and why is it important

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Why Is the /etc/passwd File Important?

Making your angular application more robust

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Managing Azure Cloud Infrastructure From Your Terminal

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Easily Manage Azure Resources With These Tools

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  • Provisioning or creating new resources.
  • Configuring cloud services.
  • Monitoring Azure services, costs and health…

Do Not Compromise Your Server Security

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Want to develop PHP-based apps on Ubuntu Linux? Here’s how to configure a LAMP environment with XAMPP.

Installing Arch Linux Just Got a Lot Easier

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Get started with virtual machines by installing macOS in Linux

Computer and smartphone on desktop
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GNOME 40: one of the most popular Linux desktop environments just got better

screenshot by author(Mwiza)

All you need to know about how to find files in Linux

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I develop software by profession. My interests include: history, economics, politics & enterprise-architecture. I am a child of God.

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