7 HTML5 Semantic Elements To Use In Your Web Pages

HTML5 will enable you to convey the structure of your web pages in a clear manner

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The Advantages of using HTML5 semantics elements include



<p>Main headlines</p>
<h4> Headline one </h4>


<li><a href="/home"> Home </a></li>
<li><a href="/about"> About </a></li>


<p>This is a sidebar; content may complement main section.</p>


<h1> Page heading </h1>
<p> Paragraph With supplementary info</p>


<footer> &copy; Mkulu inc. All rights reserved </footer>

<figure> and <figcaption>

<img src="./assets/img/lake_malawi.jpg" alt="beautiful lake" />
<figcaption> Image of lake Malawi at dawn </figcaption>
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